Happy New Year

As the journey into the New Year begins I realised that I hadn’t sent my last message wishing you all a Merry Christmas. I thought I would send it anyway –
The Checklist Game Begins
With 3 days including today and counting until Christmas, I guess it’s time for the checklist to come out. So here goes ….
  1. Operation present shopping to begin in these final days before Christmas ✅
  2. Food shopping list done. Note I said shopping list. Still have to actually go out and shop ✅
  3. Start a food diet for the next three days so that it can accommodate Christmas dinner ✅
  4. Remembering to smile through the festive. It comes but once a year ✅
  5. Remember the plastic plates and cutlery. Dishes are so not on the do list of chores for me this festive season ✅
  6. Games and tantrums at the ready ✅
  7. Plastic containers at the ready. I don’t plan to cook until next year lol ✅
  8. Watch as many Disney films as I can as they will be removed from the 2/01/19 ✅
  9. Again locate the most comfortable chair and stake your claim to it over Christmas ✅
  10. Go over the check list and start all over again lol ✅
Note to self and family; it is but for one day so let’s not get stressed about it. All I want for Christmas is to spend quality time with those I love, the greatest gift of all.
I know, it was a kinda crazy list and one I had hoped to accomplish.
With that being said, I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR  ️


Rules and then some

It’s that time of year where we have to find some solution to surviving the Holidays. That being said, I figured I would start writing a rules survival kit for this period which I know will have add ons as the days get closer and closer to Christmas.

Rule 1: Start planning your escape route lol. Yes plan on how you can disappear and appear when needs be!

Rule 2: Start planning your escape route – oops I just said that right!

Rule 3: Start planning your escape route – I seem to be stuck on this one 🙈

Rule 4: All jokes aside, make sure you have plenty disposable plates and cutlery. Listen teaspoons go missing in my home!

Rule 5: Secure your sofa spot by any means necessary. You know that nap is going to kick in at some point and you want and need to be as comfortable as possible

Rule 6: When did we make wearing a Christmas jumper a tradition in our home? Anyway apparently wearing a Christmas jumper is a must this year 🤷🏽‍♀️ I say let’s not and say we did!

Rule 7: Singing Christmas carols and corny songs out of tune is an absolute MUST as these will be posted onto all social media platforms – You have been warned

Rule 8: Disposable have been bought along with bin liners. There should be no problem with the clean up operation

Rule 9: Games are off limit to anyone who is sensitive and hates losing. We will not do drama because of a board game. However, I am exempt from said rule and plan to be melodramatic should I lose a game. As a matter of fact I will be melodramatic if I win too

Rule 10: Map out your escape route. I know I know I keep going back to rule 1 – 3 but you have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t do this

The next post shall be my check list which should go hand in hand with the rule book written.

*Disclaimer: I know there are more rules to come.


#SurvivngTheDatingGame #SurvivingParenthood #SurvivingTheSurvivalKit

Preparing for 2019

I just realised that I may, just may be a paper hoarder. I woke up on Monday determined to start a clear out of paperwork that dates back to 2016 in preparation of 2019

You see I can’t afford to go into the New Year with clutter. I need to make room for an amazing year to come (Yes I am speaking it as though it is!). The plan is to start on a clean slate, nothing weighing me down. I want to start with clarity, vision and passion. I want to start with a clear agenda and how I am going to achieve my goals. I realised that I couldn’t do this with paperwork swallowing me up. Not just any paperwork but negative paperwork. Unpaid bills, CCJ’s, bank statements with zero balance staring at me.

All have been paid (👏🏽👏🏽) and a new check list is in the process of being written. It is with this in mind that the first point on my checklist is to get rid of clutter and so the journey begins

Ok, breaks over so let me get back to the shredding 😊


It’s been a while…….

Blank notepad and pencil

It’s been a while and then some. To be honest with you I had writers block, a serious challenge when it comes to wanting to write or do well on your blog.

This morning while having my morning cuppa I did a little reflecting and I looked at how the last season of my life has been. These question came to mind:
1. Am I ready for the new season?
2. Has the last or outgoing season prepared me for where I am going.
3. As painful as some parts have been in the last season, am I ready or ok to let go of people or and or things?

I can honestly say that I’m ok with my outgoing season because I have learnt so much. I’ve laughed, cried, questioned things, dealt with things and have been blessed beyond measure with family and love. I guess this is what life is all about. Navigating the ups and downs in preparation for the next season.

I promise the next post will be lighter and funnier. I’m just in a reflective mood as I prepare for the end of 2018 as well as walking into my new or next season ❤️

Its official, I’m leaving home

Yep you read correctly, I’m leaving home

After what has been a crazy couple of weeks I have finally made the decision that I am leaving home. Yes you read correctly, I am packing my bags and leaving home.

Packing suitcase

Now normally you picture the scenario of a small child having a little tantrum. In frustration said baby turns around and announces that he or she is leaving. With a back pack on their back they storm to the front door and shout they were leaving! Well, fast forward 40 plus years and I have made my announcement. I officially quit and am out.

It’s taken a while and I tried to hold it together for the family but things have been building and before I catch a case or have a major grown up tantrum/ meltdown it’s time to go.

Just the other day I complained about my teaspoons missing. Then there was the issue of cook and cleaner in the house. Call me crazy but I am sure there is a car cover rogue who has derived pleasure in removing my car cover. How do you know I hear you ask. Well….. I tie the car on both sides to stop it being blown away and yet it always ends up on the ground by the side of the car. WHY COME is the question. My son in law said Come Why? Do you see what I mean, Why come???

With all my complaining, moaning and such, the final straw came when my daughter said to me Once bitten, twice chewed during a conversation. It was that conversation that broke the camels back, it really was. So I’m packing what little I have into one small suitcase. I’m taking myself to the main road and I’m going to start walking in a straight line to wherever. Please try hard not to stop me, this is something I have to do…….

Just cant

**This is the result of an overactive mind – Have a wonderful Thursday

The missing teaspoon saga

Where are all my teaspoons……

I know this may be seen as random, a ‘Personal’ Problem even a First World Problem, nevertheless a problem it is! I want to know if someone can solve the mystery of the missing teaspoons that seem to disappear from the kitchen draw on a regular basis

I mean is it just my household that teaspoons disappear. I topped up my supply at the beginning of the year and suddenly I have NO teaspoons. Yes this has become a reoccurring issue over the last couple of years and I am baffled/ confused at the situation in hand. To make it worse the forks have started going AWOL too

Now here is what I think, call it a conspiracy theory if you must, BUT I think my children are deliberately throwing them away so as to avoid doing the dishes. Yep I said it. I think it’s revenge for all the years of telling them to do the dishes. Either way it’s punishment for said chore and what a way to reek havoc on my daily life. I mean all I want to do is stir my tea before drinking it 😊


Question: Do you think I should report the missing pieces to the authorities? Do I notify MI5 about my thoughts, albeit a conspiracy theory that my children are punishing me for daily household chores. Is there a teaspoon thief on the prowl whose main aim is to drive me crazy trying to figure out the riddle of the missing pieces. Do I set up cameras in the kitchen to catch the thief or thieves and exact punishment or do I just go and buy more teaspoons?

I know, its more than one question and you may think or feel I have lost the plot but can someone help a lady out here

Happy Friday everyone

I don’t get it!

I am having an ‘I don’t get it’ moment and thought that maybe sharing will help me get some things off my chest or out of my system – who knows!

Question 1: When did we stop saying hello? A personal greeting has been replaced with a devotional or two.  Over the last couple of months I have made a mental note of how many people actually say hello, good morning, how are you via text, WhatsApp, messenger etc. Instead what I get as a form of communication is some forwarded devotional, which is meant to encourage motivate blah blah blah.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for every encouraging forwarded word of the day etc. But when did this replace a proper greeting like hello and how are you? – Did I miss the memo, I don’t get it

Question 2: Why is dieting so hard especially the older you get? I never had a small frame but shedding a couple of pounds was not a big hurdle and the weight dropped off, BAM. Now I have to embark on fasting, cabbage diet, military diet, juicing, detoxing, living in the gym and it feels like the world is coming to an end. To be honest quitting at the first hurdle seems a lot easier than the calorie counting, pea portion sizes at meal time, sugar free everything, water drinking only solutions to get into a party dress for Christmas or a bikini for that beach holiday. I know it’s a personal problem but I just don’t get it!

Question 3: I know I have revisited this in my earlier blogs on the perils of dating or trying to date at a certain age. I hung up my boots on this one or at least online dating but that doesn’t stop me thinking why this is so hard – I just don’t get it!

Question 4: Now on to a real personal problem (breathe Dee lol) Why didn’t someone, anyone sit down and talk us/ me through the menopause, just asking? I mean you are told about the birds and bees courtesy of the educational curriculum and maybe an aunt and church that were bold enough to terrify you on the dos and don’ts of adolescence. Why have we not had the same talks, lessons on preparing for menopause? I remember when I was younger I always said I wanted a one to one with Eve as it was easier to blame her on the monthly visits from Aunt Su. Truth is told for years we silently couldn’t wait for her visits to stop as she really harassed us. HOWEVER, no one told me that her exit was as dramatic as her entrance into our lives. I know personal problem but I just don’t get it

Question 5: How am I going to survive Christmas? I know so random right and yet I am sure a lot of you have started thinking the same thing.

I am sure more questions will wonder into this overactive brain of mine and you can rest assure I will be asking them on my blog. In the meantime help me understand life’s journey as I just don’t get it

I dont get it